Surfing in Cadiz Province

Surfing in Cadiz Province | Fuente: Texts: Carmen García Martín-Arroyo. Photos: Destino Cádiz

One of the main attractions of Cadiz province is the wide range of activities and sports that you can practice in its incredible beaches and natural spaces. And one of the most consolidated is Surfing.


The areas where you can best surf in the province of Cádiz are concentrated in three points that make up “a magic triangle of surfing”: Conil de la Frontera, El Palmar and Cádiz. On its beaches there are several of the best surf schools in the province and its conditions for surfing are perfect. If you go south on the coast, wind conditions favor other sports such as Kitesurfing, which has Tarifa as its mecca. In the Northwest Coast (Sanlúcar, Chipiona and Rota) you can also enjoy excellent surf schools in much quieter waters.

nexo surf house el palmar vejer alojamiento restaurante surfcamp


In Conil de la Frontera all its beaches become a perfect option to practice water sports such as surfing. It is a perfect option for when the wind blows too strong in the Palmar and it becomes difficult to surf, we head to this beach where the wind arrives with a little less intensity. As we explained in the post “types of surf waves” on this beach, there are plenty of beach waves and tube-shaped waves. They are not very dangerous beaches due to their sandy bottoms as in the majority of beaches of the Cadiz coast. But you have to be careful with the waves that break on the shore as they can surprise some bather or surfer who does not know the area.

El Palmar Surf – Escuela de surf – Yoga Paddle Surf Vejer


El Palmar has an extensive 4 km beach with golden sand, which makes it an attractive beach not only for surfers but for bathers. The ideal conditions for surfing in this area are between the months of October and January. So it becomes an excellent winter destination and alternative to the common. The Levante wind is the best ally in this area, unleashing a series of hollow-type waves.

El Palmar Surf – Escuela de surf – Yoga Paddle Surf Vejer


And finally, we find the city of Cádiz that has two emblematic areas for surfing, located at the two ends of one of the best urban beaches in all of southern Europe: Cortadura, located at the entrance and Santa María del Mar. When the wind blows south, this beach is perfect for those who want to surf in an urban environment.

In these three surf spots we have an interesting selection of the best schools in the province, so why do not you dare to ride their waves?.

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