“Algeciras is a traditional fishing town, but at the same time it´s modern and cosmopolitan because of its strategic location between two continents and its large port complex, it is one of the main conduits for global maritime traffic. Its beaches and cultural heritage complete its tourist attraction. It is also the birthplace of flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia. "

Inhabited since the lower Paleolithic period and area of settlements of Phoenician and Carthaginian colonies, the first city that existed on the site occupied by the current city is the Roman Iulia Traducta (1st century A.D.). In 711, on these ruins, Tarik, in command of his troops, founded Al – Yazirat – Al – Hadra (Green Island). Capital of a province and Kingdom of taifa, it was devastated at the end of the 14th century. From its medieval stage remains the important archaeological site of the Villa Nueva de Algeciras, los Baños Meriníes (Marinid baths), the Royal baths of Al – Binya and the marinid city of Algeciras which are exhibited in the Parque María Cristina.
La Plaza Alta, the social Center of the city, is home to important monuments such as the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Palma and the little Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Europe. The heritage of Algeciras is completed with the Town Hall, the Mercado de Abastos (local market), the Santo Cristo de la Alameda Chapel and the chapel of SanAnton, forming a beautiful set with the Hospital de la Caridad.
Most of Algeciras tourist attractions are its beaches, among which the Rinconcillo which is located inside the Bay at 3 km from the town; it extends to the mouth of the Palmones River; San Garcia and Getares, 4 km away from the city towards the lighthouse of Punta Carnero. In fact, it is very interesting to visit the Ensenada de Getares, a valuable natural and scenic environment consisting of attractive cliffs and a splendid beach, formed by the contributions of the Picaro River and the Marchenilla and Del Lobo streams. It is also an interesting point for the observation of birds and cetaceans.

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