"Bornos, declared a Historic Site, is located on the shores of the lake with which it has developed for over 30,000 years and the Palacio de los Riberas Castle, offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and a lot of active tourism activities."

The transition from the Iberian culture to the roman can be seen in the remains of the Carissa Aurelia site, a few kilometers from the village center.
The urban layout of the town revolves around its monumental jewel that is the Palacio de los Ribera Castillo, declared of Cultural Interest. About the Arab constructions there remain parts of the wall and the Torre del Homenaje (keep), later a beautiful palace was built with a Renaissance Garden which also has been declared a Historical Garden of Cultural Interest.
Other relevant buildings with civil architecture are the manor houses of the Cilla (17th -18th century) and of the Ordóñez (18th century) and the La Sangre College and Hospital. It also has a magnificent religious display, with the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Parish Church, the Corpus Christi Convent and the Los Jerónimos Monastery, both from the 16th century.
The mountains near Bornos are ideal for hiking, trekking, horse riding and mountain biking. And the Bornos Reservoir is great for fishing visitors and you may observe rare waterfowl as well.

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