"Cadiz, la "Tacita de Plata "is a gem surrounded by sea. Its more than three thousand years of history, rich heritage, colonial air, gastronomy, festivities and people make this city a unique place to visit. Also, it has a simply spectacular urban beach. "

It is considered the oldest city in Western Europe. The Phoenicians made Gadir an important commercial colony where the Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims settled latter. From the splendid Gades the Roman Theatre has been preserved in very good condition (1st century B.C.) in the neighborhood of el Pópulo. Cosmopolitan and open city Columbus chose its port as a starting point for his second voyage to the new world. The city was to become port of India’s, binding the commercial flow with America. This frenetic commercial activity resulted in a period of economic and cultural splendor, where the baroque palaces are built with their characteristic Baroque tower viewpoints. In the San Felipe Neri Oratory, headquarters in 1812 of the Cortes of Cadiz, the first Spanish Constitution, nicknamed “la Pepa” because of the day of his birth (San Jose) was drafted.
In your stay mark as essential a visit to the Cathedral, visible from the sea, and its treasure, one of the most important in Spain. Contemplate their defensive bastions and access to the old walled town, and get lost in the narrow streets and small squares that you can find in popular neighborhoods like La Viña, Mentidero, Santa María and El Pópulo.
The Carnival, declared of International Tourist Interest, is the most important festival of the city. The whole town dresses up and takes to the streets to experience the joy, laughter and wildness of this celebration in the midst of choirs, chirigotas and groups (comparsas) which joke, parody and use a critical tone about all the current events of the year.
Don’t forget to look out at the sea at La Caleta, the most representative beaches of the capital which are distributed over several kilometers and enjoy the atmosphere that exists on the seafront promenade and on the rest of the beaches.

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