Castellar de la Frontera

"Castellar de la Frontera is built on a rocky promontory with its magnificent castle that overlooks the Bay and the Rock of Gibraltar. It is the green lung of the region, benefiting from the Alcornocales Natural Park and it offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and a lot of active tourism activities. "

Its origins date back to the Bronze Age (the Cuevas del Cancho Sites, those of the Tajo and Abejera) but when its true identity is acquired is with the Muslim conquest, to be renamed Al-Qars. When speaking of the city we must distinguish between the Old and New Castellar, built in 1971 8 Km away. The fortress is in the old town (12th-15 century), it is in perfect condition although reformed. Inside the castle is one of the few examples that exist of an inhabited nucleus within a fortification. It retains a medieval character, with its clean winding path and whitewashed streets.
The New Castellar is a modern town with wide streets and squares. Here the Divino Salvador Church which houses the image of the Santisimo Cristo of Almoraima, highly revered by many faithfull. In the Plaza Andalucía also rises an important sculpture commemorating the 25th anniversary of the creation of new town and there is another sculpture dedicated to human rights very near.
The Almoraima is along with Old and New Village of Castellar, the third nucleus of population of the township. In 1603 the providence order built the San Miguel de la Almoraima Convent. The monks remain there until the middle of 17th century, becoming owned by the Duke of Medinaceli, who turned it into a recreation and hunting ranch. In 1945 the Company Corchera Almoraima is founded, around which the houses that today result in the neighborhood of Almoraima are built.
The town is also part of the Ruta del Toro (bull route), so you can enjoy the abundant bulls and wild cattle that are reared in these lands.

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