"Chipiona is a fishing village which is situated near the mouth of the Guadalquivir and Doñana. Its beaches, dining and lodging options, makes this city one of the favorite summer holiday destinations on the Cadiz coastline.”

The legacy of monuments of the town is a true reflection of its genuine historical evolution, its origins dating back to the Roman Empire. The castle was built by Guzmán el Bueno and completed by Ponce de León in the 14th century. It’s most emblematic building is without doubt, the Santuario de Regla, with a neo-Gothic design. Built on an ancient fortress today it belongs to the Franciscan order and houses the Chipiona´s patron saint. Other buildings of interest are the Church of Nuestra Señora de la O (16th to 17th century); the Capilla del Cristo de la Misericordia and the Sanatorium of Santa Clara (first maritime Sanatorium of Spain).
Its famous lighthouse was rebuilt on the ruins of the ancient Roman lighthouse built by Quinto Servilius, to guide sailors into the Guadalquivir and help the boats escape the dangers of the Piedra de Salmedina(Salmedina stone), which caused many shipwrecks. It is built on the Punta del Perro, separating the beaches of Las Canteras and Rule. Built in 1867 by engineer James Font it is the highest one in Spain measuring 69 meters. The headland on which they are situated is a magnificent viewpoint.
Since the beginning of the 20th century Chipiona is a major summer enclave. The promenades and beaches of Regla and of Las Canteras, animated and noisy, are full of terraces where you can sit and enjoy the sea view while tasting famous the muscatel wine typical from these areas. Its beaches (Regla, del Camarón, Tres Piedras, Cruz del Mar, Las Canteras, Montijo y la Ballena) have being awarded the Blue Flag for Clean Seas of Europe since 1989. They are the perfect setting for water sports that can be also be practiced in the modern sport harbor.
You cannot forget to visit its famous Fish Corrales, constructions that surround the sea at low tide and trap the crustaceans and mollusks later caught by fishermen.

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