Conil de la Frontera

"Conil is without doubt a select destination for sun and beach tourism. It is one of the villages in the region with the best atmosphere, especially in summer, caused partially by the luxurious residential areas that surround it. Its gastronomic offer, leisure and active tourism make it a perfect place for your holidays."

Numerous traces attest to the Phoenician presence in the area. Port of undeniable importance during the Roman and Visigoth times, has managed to preserve the flavor and charm of the fishing villages. Of the medieval fortifications there are paintings of its walls preserved in the Puerta de la Villa (16th century) and in a bastion that fortified them. From the watchtower of Roche, Puerco and Castilnovo (16th and 17th century) potential pirate attacks or invasions were sighted. And finally, the Guzman Tower, from the 14th and 15th century, was part of the old castle and is the core around which the town was formed.
In the Plaza del Castillo the Santa Catalina Church and the Town Hall are located. Other noteworthy monuments include the Hospital de la Misericordia, the Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Chapel (patron of the village), the Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes Convent and the Espiritu Santo Chapel.
Along 14 km. of coastline, there are all kinds of beaches of spectacular beauty, with fine white sand, clear waters that allow you to practice all kinds of water sports. Down towards the village, on the left is situated the beach of Castilnovo, and Bateles (with numerous amenities and surrounded by numerous restaurants and bars), La Fontanilla, Roqueo, and Fuente del Gallo, are more secluded and cozy. The town also has the charming and idyllic coves at the foot of stunning cliffs, highlighting those of Camacho, Pitones, Melchor, la del Aceite, El Aspero or Cala Encendida.
The township also has valuable natural areas, highlighting the Roche and Colorado Pinewoods.

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