"Espera is a beautiful and typical white village of Cadiz situated on a hillside whose summit is crowned by of the remains of a castle that overlooks the entire village of whitewashed streets and steep hills."

The early presence of settlers is confirmed by the Esperilla site with relics date back more than 3000 years. Only 7 kilometers away from the village stands the ancient Roman city of Carissa Aurelia (declared of cultural interest), which stands atop the remains of a former Iberian settlement. It highlights are the necropolis and the walled urban city center and it also has an archaeological museum, dedicated especially to the Iberian-roman funerary world of Espera.
Of its monumental legacy the Fatetar Castle (13th-15th century) stands out, which retains some of the old walls, the Tower of Homenaje (keep) and the Aljibes. Attached to the castle is the Chapel of Santiago, home to the Christ of La Antigua, patron of the town. The Santa María de Gracia Church is also very Interesting, other things we can see are the symbiosis of Renaissance and Baroque styles in the Casa de la Cilla or the Diezmos, current oil mill.

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