Medina Sidonia

"Medina Sidonia is one of the best preserved villages of Andalusia, its historical legacy, location and network of whitewashed streets make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the interior of the province of Cadiz. Gateway to the Alcornocales Natural Parkit has a great gastronomic and active tourist offering."

Medina preserves intact the medieval atmosphere. Founded by the Phoenicians, it was an important Roman colony and the capital of the Muslim Sidonia cora. In the mid-15th century it became part of the lordship of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia.
Declared a Historical ensemble and awarded because of the beautification of the Andalusian villages, many artistic testimonies have left it with a rich past. The Los Santos Mártires Chapel is the oldest example of Andalusian Visigothic art. From the medieval period are the ruins of the castle, built on the ancient Muslim fortress and the Torrestrella Castle (both XII-XIV century). Of the numerous medieval arches, some Muslim and pre-conquest include the Arco de la Pastora (X century), the Sun (X-XIII century) and the Arco de Belén (XII-XV century).
There are infinite examples of its religious architecture, highlighting the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor Coronada, a magnificent example of the Gothic and plateresque styles. Other temples that cannot be missed are those of la Victoria, San Juan de Dios and of Santiago. Out of the convents stand out the ones of San Cristobal, Jesus, María and José and the Carmelita del Cuervo Monastery (located inside the Alcornocales Natural Park), out of the civilian buildings excel the Mannerist Town Hall from the 17th century, the Caballerizas del Duque, House of Enrile (XVIII century) and the Mercado de Abastos (market) from the 19th century.
The village has a pastry delight with its own Denomination of Origin, the Alfajor of Medina and a type of catering establishment, called Ventas that will delight visitors.
Gateway to the Alcornocales Natural Park has a great gastronomic and active tourism offering.

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