Prado del Rey

"Prado del Rey, the garden of the Sierra de Cadiz is a pretty town that that is part of the route of the white villages. With Roman roots, known for its handmade leather goods industry, today constitute the main production feature. "

Prado del Rey has its roots in the Roman city of Iptuci, an archaeological site of great interest declared of Cultural Interest. It confirms the existence of human settlements in this area from the Neolithic till the 15th century. Its heyday was the Roman, particularly the 1st and 2nd century AD but the Phoenicians already exploited the existing salt mines in its vicinity, near the Cabeza de Hortales.
Its most outstanding monuments are the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and the old Pósito de Labradores (farmer’s granary), who’s structure remains intact.
Its urban design, similar to the model adopted in the American colonies, surprises the linear planning of its streets. Perfectly drawn and parallel to each other, they are oriented North to South and from East to West, dodging the orographic slopes that characterize a village located between small hills.

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