Puerto Real

"Puerto Real, university and industrial city located in the Bay of Cadiz, stands out for its exquisite cuisine and a natural environment of great beauty. It has places full of history and culture. "

Founded in 1483 by the Catholic Monarchs (Reyes Católicos) in need of a real port in the area. Surrounded by marshes and pine forests, the old town has been declared a Historic Site. It retains its original urban layout, a nearly perfect grid of typical of houses with artistic doorways and beautiful courtyards.
Its most outstanding monuments are the Renaissance and Baroque Priory Church of San Sebastián ; the Conventual Church of the Victory and the Jesús, María and José Church, popularly called San José, from the 18th century; the Callejón del Arco (arch alley); Mercado de Abastos (food market) and the Caja del Agua (water tank)(all from the 18th century). The ruins of the castle of San Luis In the Caño del Trocadero are well preserved they resisted the attack of Napoleon during the war of independence, but were destroyed years later by the hundred thousand sons of San Luis troops, in commemoration this name was given to the famous square in Paris.
It has a lively cultural life, possessing numerous cultural center and two theaters, the main theatre and the summer theatre. It is also famous for its exquisite cuisine based primarily on their fresh estuary fish and other seafood’s.
Apart from its beaches, Río San Pedro and La Cachucha, the town has a natural environment of great value: The Endorheic Natural Reserve complex of Puerto Real, where at certain times you can be spot several rare bird species, and the Pinar de las Canteras, which are the lungs of the Bay and recreational area of the city. Full of hiking trails, it is excellent for walking.

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