San Fernando

"San Fernando, surrounded by the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park, is a gastronomic paradise of great historical importance. Its location, leisure facilities and beaches, makes it an interesting starting point for a trip to the province. "

The old Isla de León offers an interesting landscape of marshes, salt marshes and dunes. The presence of Phoenicians and Romans is proved by the remains preserved in the Historical Museum. In the second half of the 18th century, the city begins to grow rapidly. For its special strategic situation it gains great commercial and military importance. It is very interesting for visitors, highlighting the Marine Observatory, a scientific center, the Pabellón de Marinos ilustres and the Naval Museum gives evidence of the importance of the island in this area.
It is the birthplace of flamenco genius “Camarón de la Isla”, kwon for its rich cuisine. In many bars and pubs in San Fernando we can enjoy exquisite fish, their bienmesabe (marinated school shark), sea snails, crab and shrimp omelette.
The marshes and estuaries of the town are rich in molluscs and fish and are ideal spots for bird watching. As well you can practice different kinds of active tourism.

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