Sanlucar de Barrameda

"Sanlúcar de Barrameda is a natural and gastronomic paradise with a special atmosphere. The city of the dos barrios, Manzanilla its fine sherry smells so good, its star product alongside the shrimp, which makes it a reference for wine tourism. It stands out for the friendliness of its people, the atmosphere of its streets and squares, its beaches near Doñana and its rich heritage. A must see. "

Located on the left bank of the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and opposite of Doñana, this noble city, has an urban structure that is characterized by being divided into two major centers: the Barrio Alto and the Barrio Bajo.
The Barrio Alto is the historical and monumental center, with white walls and aristocratic palaces such as the Orleáns and Borbón Palace (next to the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad) or the Renaissance Ducal Palace of Medina Sidonia. Located nearby are the Arquillo or Puerta de Rota, remains of the medieval walls, the Santiago Castle (15th century) the Descalzas Convent and the Church of Nuestra Señora de la O.
The city has a unique micro-climate which is essential for growing and ageing its representative sherry’s, they use white oak barrels to age these wines situated in wineries throughout the village, called “cathedrals del vino”. They are perfectly integrated in the urban structure of Sanlúcar and make an interesting visit to either one of them.
To eat out you can try some tapas in Sanlucar; nothing beats the Plaza Cabildo or Bajo de Guía, the fishermen’s district which is full of restaurants where you can try the famous prawns, fried fish and other seafood’s.
The coastline of Sanlúcar has 6 km. of beaches (Bajo de Guía, the de la Calzada, de las Piletas, Jara Beach and Coto beach, on the edge of the National Park of Doñana). From Sanlucar You can visit Doñana and its natural park. Along its sandy beaches take place the famous horse races in summer time.

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