Villaluenga del Rosario

Villaluenga del Rosario is the highest village in the Sierra de Cádiz, it is known to be a sanctuary for caving enthusiasts. It has a historic center, with steep, narrow streets which are home to so curious places like the oldest bullfighting ring of the province.

Villaluenga is located at the foot of an impressive rock mass, the highest village in the province. Although its origin is due to the Muslim culture, the nearby site of the Cuevas de la Manga (Manga caves), date human presence in these lands since the Lower Paleolithic. You can even still see the remains of the medieval road. Its steep and narrow streets merge with the rock hosting prominent monuments such as the San Miguel and Salvador Churches, the San Gregorio and the Calvario Chapels, the City Hall and the Fountain Aqueduct. Account Villaluenga with the oldest bullring in the province (18 century) which has the unusualness of not being round but polygonal and with a grandstand made of local stone.
The town has a stunning environment for cave exploring, since it cites over 80 caves and three of the four major mountain peaks of Andalusia: Sima del Cacao, Republicans and Villaluenga.

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