The best spots to practice Kitesurf in Cadiz – Kite Spots

The best spots to practice Kitesurf in Cadiz – Kite Spots | Fuente: Texto y Fotos: Carmen García Martín-Arroyo.

Cadiz province becomes one of the best point of Spain to practice Kitesurfing. Its location is strategic for the practice of this sport as it becomes a point of confluence of wind (east and west wind) and air currents.


The history of kiting began in the 12th century when some fishermen already used kites to move around the sea. It was not until the twentieth century when it first crossed the English Channel in the first hybrid of kitesurfing. A few years later it was patented and reached Spain in 1999 with the first kite school located in Gerona.

Further south it was a bit later but it does not mean that it has been sitting as part of the local and foreign culture creating a link between visitors and locals. The beaches of the province are safe and wide for this sport.


Our province becomes an unbeatable spot since all the factors are fulfilled to develop this sport in a comfortable and adequate manner. The first and most important factor; the weather. We have more than 300 hours of sun per year, mild temperatures , the proximity to the sea and thermoregulatory effect, about 18.5 degrees of temperature. Being in the most southern zone and bordering the African continent, the strait becomes a “tunnel” of wind; perfect for sports. They invite the visitor to perform this sport at any time of the year.



As a spot for excellence of the province to do kitesurfing is the area of Tarifa. Surfing and all its forms become almost a culture in the city and in the area. The most relevant spots in Cádiz are:

  • Los caños de Meca becomes a perfect option when the summer season ends and on the beaches of Tarifa begin to have more authoritarian restrictions to practice surfing. The area closest to the end of Trafalgar is getting more followers because when the east wind blows, the sky on the beach is full of colorful kites.

caños de meca barbate cadiz-2

  • Following south orientation the next spot is Los Lances beach (Tarifa): as most of Cadiz beaches, it is wide and the east and west wind abound. West wind especially in summer is able to lift large kites and east wind especially for medium and small kites. It must be borne in mind that during the summer there are certain limited areas for bathers.

Destino Cadiz

  • Next beach we find is Playa Chica (Tarifa), as its name indicates its small dimensions make it a beach for experts in this sport. Only the use of small kites is possible. There are no restricted areas on the beach. Located in the port of Tarifa and under the Castle of Tarifa.

Destino Cadiz

  • Valdevaqueros (Tarifa) becomes at summer season in a dangerous place for the inexperienced due to the mass of practitioners. Counting also that it is a narrower beach and that in some areas rocky bottoms exist in the extreme south especially. There are a variety of kitesurf schools. The advantage that it has can be practiced without rescue boat and has become an important core of sports competitions at all levels. As the last major sporting event held on this beach as the third consecutive year it has been the venue to celebrate the world championship of kitesurfing.


    Thus we can see the relevance of the beaches of Cadiz worldwide and the perfect weather conditions to practice this sport. You just need to be encouraged to practice it. Do you sign up?

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