The experience of bungee jumping in the Sierra de Cádiz with Discovery


The experience of bungee jumping in the Sierra de Cádiz with Discovery | Fuente: Texts and Photos by Rob Heifez for Destino Cádiz.

To live a day full of adrenaline, surrounded by a unique and spectacular natural scenery, trying out bungee jumping in the Sierra de Cádiz is a perfect option, with one of the highly rated multisport companies in Andalusia, which is Discovery.


Realizing what was in stock for us, the day began with nerves and eagerness to reach Algodonales, where this activity was held.


Entering municipality of Algodonales we saw as a bridge in the middle of nowhere, where a group of people stood mounting the ropes. We stopped the car next to the bridge and went to introduce ourselves to the group and the organizers of the activity. Those who carried out the bungee jumping activity were Paco Lozano and his son.


Shortly after, they announced that the material was set-up and that whenever we were ready, we could take the step to put on the harness and prepare ourselves to jump.

The height from the bridge to the ground were approximately 30 meters, although the distance seemed much higher seen from above. One by one we put on the harness, and after receiving instructions from Paco on how to make the jump the safest and most fun way possible, we took the step and jumped into the void.


The experience of freefall is amazing, though it only last several seconds, it’s one of the strongest and most exciting emotions that you can feel.


After making the jump, Paco was kind enough to grant us a short interview in which he explained how the company Discovery emerged, which activities they offered and his vision about the contribution of this great little family business on tourism and economy of the province, promoting an eco-friendly, sustainable and alternative kind of tourism.


Without a doubt, this activity is recommended for those who want to enjoy a day surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery, living experiences that they will never be forgotten, besides the opportunity of doing it with professionals with over 30 years in the field of active and adventure tourism, offering quality service and the most familiar treatment.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Discovery for our bungee jumping experience, which we loved and will always remember.

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