Aparthotels in Cadiz Province

If you’re thinking about visiting the province for a family getaway or a vacation, staying in an aparthotel or holiday apartment in Cádiz is one of the best options.

The variety of holiday apartments in the province is very broad with many options to choose from, and the locations are also very diverse, from apartments in the coastal beach areas, where you can enjoy a few days in the sun quietly or doing some water sports, to apartments in rural areas where you can enjoy nature and escape from stress and try any adventure sports.

The apartments are fully furnished, they are a type of accommodation that offer their guests maximum security, guarantees and have a tourist license for its commercial use, they are equipped with a front desk and all the amenities of a hotel to make you feel at home.

These holiday apartments are basically like a hotel, but at a lower price with more spacious and comfortable rooms.

At Destino Cádiz we offer a wide variety of touristic apartments where you can stay and enjoy a little more of our great province and its history. Do not hesitate to come to our land and enjoy the great restaurants, leisure activities or simply the tranquility that it has to offer.

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