Land houses in Cadiz Province

If you come to the province and are not interested in staying in a hotel, a great alternative may be the accommodation in rural houses in Cadiz, which are usually family businesses that allow renting rooms or even a complete house.

The offer is very wide and varied and in general, they are known as well maintained, clean facilities, with adequate equipment for their use and, many of them, located in strategic places from which you can hire the best excursions to the Natural Parks, mountains or beaches. Its price is lower compared to the hotel which can be enough of a reason to opt for them but above all, it’s a good option for family tourism, since in the majority of rural houses would fit all the members of the family.

While it is true that these houses don’t have the amenities that a luxury hotel offers, but the atmosphere that surrounds the country houses in the province of Cadiz is unique and magical, allowing the tourist discover and learn a little more about the rural life, through the customs and culture, besides being offered at a very economic price for all budgets.

“Destino Cádiz” gives you the all the information you need about the locations where the best rural houses of the region are found, historical and cultural places in the area, natural spaces and the most varied offer for leisure activities and active tourism.

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