Farm Schools in Cadiz Province

For nature lovers, farm schools are perfect of staying in contact with the typical animals and rural landscapes of the province of Cadiz.

These schools offer young people and children an unforgettable experience, where they can learn to care of the animals, develop survival skills that might help them in any natural environment someday in the future, and they will have fun playing and doing activities together with the coaches and other participants.

The main schools of the province are Granja Escuela Buenavista, located near the city of Jerez de la Frontera, Aula de Naturaleza Tavizna in the Sierra de Grazalema or the Granja Escuela El Dorado which is located in the municipality of San Pablo de Buceite.

All these establishments have a variety of animals, plants and many different activities, guided by expert coaches of the animation sector. This ensures that the kids will fun and enjoy a different kind of holiday, that they will never forget. At Destino Cádiz, we encourage you to try these services and we offer all the information that is necessary to try out this beautiful experience.

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