Hiking in Cadiz Province

Paradisiacal routes surrounding the sea or the mountains, is a possible opportunity during the hiking experience in the province of Cádiz.

For any nature lover, our land is a fantastic place to explore the great diversity of natural parks and marked trails surrounded by a unique nature.

At the Sierra de Cádiz, you will find a variety of routes to go hiking. The most prominent routes are the trail of Camino Alto to El Bosque village, surrounding oaks and passing through the farms, the trail of Majaceite, suitable for the whole family in which you will walk along the river surrounded by splendid nature and vegetation and trail of Tesorillo, which is also suitable for everyone and offers spectacular views and a variety of typical flora of the region. Another highly recommended trail for history enthusiasts is the path of Iptuci, where you can visit an ancient Roman city, explore the salinas fenicianas (phoenician salt marshes) and the possibility of walking between Arab walls.

Hiking in the province of Cadiz is an activity in which friends, your partner and even the youngest ones may participate and enjoy a beautiful experience, of spending an active day outdoors, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, which can be a priceless experience.

All the information on the great diversity of routes and trails, and the companies or organizations in charge of carrying out the tours, we can facilitate at Destino Cádiz.

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