Nature Active Tourism in Cadiz Province

Active tourism within the province of Cádiz offers nature lovers many options, looking to unwind and escape the crowded urban environments, making outdoor activities a perfect choice.

One third of the area of the region is declared natural patrimony and is protected, because it is home to countless species of flora and fauna, worthy of being explored by visitors who are fascinated by natural environments.

There are many routes and places to visit, known throughout the country like the Doñana Natural park and its famous Salinas (local salt marshes) and the large variety of aquatic birds and fauna that characterize the area. The Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park and its wonders as the Marshes of Sancti Petri, La Isla del Trocadero and the river mouth of the Guadalete and San Pedro rivers. There are also endless beaches of all sorts and sizes, sand dunes, mountains and green covered meadows.

All these features, give us the opportunity to offer our visitors to see places that have a special charm and uniqueness, which makes the province of Cádiz a place we all want to return to. At Destino Cádiz, we provide contact with businesses and centers specialized in this type of wonderful tourism, where a good service and an unforgettable experience during your vacation is assured.

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