Nautical activities in Cadiz Province

With almost 300 km of coastline, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Cádiz is a paradise for all kinds of watersports.

Currently, watersports can be one of the sectors that has gained most importance in the recent years, globally and at a regional level, a few years ago it was not common seeing people doing all these activities, but with the new trends of society, aimed at active and adventure tourism, the evolution of activities has increased greatly.

You can take boat trips along the coastline and bathe in a secluded beach, accessing areas that can not be reached by foot. You can go sailing in clean waters, enjoying the sun and the excellent climate of our land. Going windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing in Tarifa, with the best winds and waves in all of Europe.

You can also take guided kayak tours throughout the incredible coastline visiting caves and places that are impossible to explore any other way, also being able to discover the Castle of Santi Petri in Chiclana. Enjoy the thrill of speed and the feeling of freedom, while the wind blows softly in your face, that you can get riding a jet ski, sailing or any other activity that you love; Cádiz is definitely a paradise for practicing watersports.

At Destino Cádiz we offer the best selection of companies and activities available to practice in the ocean of Cádiz, where you will enjoy the salty essence of our coastline and marshes.

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