Sailing in Cadiz Province

The province of Cadiz is a perfect place for sailing or any sport related to wind due to its favorable weather conditions. Sailing is a wonderful activity, in which you can enjoy the breeze, the sea, the pleasant climate and the beautiful scenery of the coast of Cádiz.

The locations where schools and highly qualified establishments to practice this sport can be found are at the Bay of Cadiz , Tarifa, Campo de Gibraltar and the Janda.

These centers have highly qualified professionals, the best equipment and materials, and offer services for any kind of visitor, from families to couples who want to have an active holiday.
There is nothing better than spending a day outdoors, trying out a new activity, surrounded by nice people and a picturesque landscape.

In addition, after a day of intense emotions and new experiences, you have the opportunity to taste the best dishes and tapas of fish and typical local seafood, that can be found in bars and restaurants of the beaches and ports, near the centers and sailing schools.

All information on the best locations to do this sport in the province of Cadiz can be found at Destino Cadiz.

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