Water parks in Cadiz Province

You can not miss the opportunity of visiting the water parks of Cadiz.

Aqualand, located in the municipality of Puerto de Santa María or the Bahía Park in Campo de Gibraltar, are the two largest parks in the province of Cadiz and offer a large variety of pools, slides and facilities for an exciting experience you can enjoy during your vacation.

The water parks are intended to satisfy those visitors who travel with children or young people who want to enjoy an exciting day and swim in sweet and mild temperature waters. In these parks you can swim, play in the water with friends, drop down the slides and lie in the sun, making the hottest days much more pleasant.

In addition to the swimming pools and waterslides, these parks offer the possibility to rent beach chairs, floaters for the young ones and any type of material necessary. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants located within the parks.

Visiting one of the parks in the province of Cadiz, offers a different and fun alternative to the traditional beach holiday and is a way that ensures a memorable vacation. All the information you need about these water parks you can find in Destino Cádiz.

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