Environmental Education in Cadiz Province

In a region with so much nature and diversity, like the province of Cádiz, there are increasing social initiatives to promote environmental education among the population.

The definition of environmental education would be something like: “Set of instructions to conserve and care for the environment and create sustainable action models inside it”

Although it is true that environmental education does not only correspond to the youngest, but also to the elderly, there is now a large number of centers for children where the environmental education is promoted.

In Puerto de Santa Maria we find a great center of environmental education, where the smallest ones of the family can go visit or spend a few days in the ambience of a camp, there they will learn to take care of the environment and carry out activities in it in a sustainable way.

In Tavizna we also find another environmental education center, it is a classroom of nature, where they will learn to enjoy everything that surrounds them.

Finally you can also find various farms schools in the province, the most popular ones are located in Chiclana de la Frontera.

From Destino Cádiz we want to offer you the best environmental education centers in the province, where you and your children can learn in a playful way to conserve and care for the environment.

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