Flamenco in Cadiz Province

If you are a lover of good music, do not doubt to pay a visit to the province of Cádiz, birthplace of flamenco, a style of singing and unique guitar playing, where artists give their all on stage, as it is one of the musical styles that is interpreted with the most emotions.

It is one of the best known musical styles in Spain and the guitar, one of the favorite instruments. Since it is generally accepted that some elements come from Andalusia, no one questions that in Jerez and Cadiz flamenco music reaches its greatest splendor. Styles of singing as “alegrías”, “peteneras”, “bulerías”, “tanguillos” and many others, were created in these lands.

Flamenco’s main interpreters are also from the province of Cádiz, being well known in this style of music. Camarón de la Isla, José Mercé, La Paquera, Chano Lobato, Lola Flores and an endless number of artists. In reference to the most famous guitars: Manolo Sanlúcar or Paco de Lucía are known worldwide and in the dancing area, of course, Sara Baras.

Flamenco was declared in 2010 as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind, a statement that makes it clear that flamenco is one of the best ways to understand the province of Cádiz, its people and its culture. Flamenco is a very important part of the culture of this land, closely linked to its festivals and fairs and promoted by both public and private institutions.

Destino Cádiz can give you information about festivals, shops, clubs, tablaos or societies that promote flamenco in our province.

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