experiences in Cadiz Province

If you are looking forward to living unique and charming experiences, the province of Cádiz offers a wide range of activities during your stay in our region.

In Cádiz you can enjoy guided tours of wineries, where you can visit and explore the tradition and everything related to the wines of Cádiz, that will end with a delightful tasting of these.

If you like the water, you can enjoy fantastic routes either by boat or sailing, learning to surf, spending a great day with family or friends in a water park or enjoying a romantic day in a lovely spa.

If you prefer adventure and staying in contact with nature you can try out fun adventure activities, having a great day with the kids in a park with ziplines and suspension bridges or enjoying an exciting day paragliding.

You can also find restaurants to enjoy flamenco or gourmet restaurants for the most demanding palates.

From the funnest and most exciting active cultural tourism visits, that allow you to discover our history and traditions. A whole catalog of fun activities for you to choose from, what to do and what to see on your trip through our region.

All this is experiencing Cádiz in a different way, a land full of activities of all sorts and here in “Destino Cádiz” you can discover them all … . What are you waiting for?

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