Showcooking in Cadiz Province

If you are an enthusiast of modern cuisine and all that surrounds it, the province of Cádiz is the ideal place for you, where apart from enjoying its rich gastronomy you can go to one of the various establishments to enjoy the Showcooking.

Showcooking is a form of cooking, where the best chefs or cooks in the area will prepare some innovative dishes in front of you, where you can take notes to learn from the best and then be able to do it at home.

This initiative arose a few years ago, but it has not been until now when this type of cuisine has managed to take some importance in the gastronomy of the province of Cádiz. Today there are many establishments that offer this type of services, some of them do it regularly and daily, others, however, only carry it out on certain occasions, at special events.

Undoubtedly, this activity is a way to learn more about the culture and gastronomy of the area, as well as a great way to interact with new people and to ask millions of questions to the best chefs, something within the reach of very lucky few.

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