Food in Cadiz Province

Food in Cadiz is synonym of pleasure and enjoyment. The province has a lot of restaurants, tapas bars, taverns, trattorias, beach bars and ventas where you can taste anything from the most traditional dishes, to the latest trends in haute cuisine.

The local cuisine of Cádiz, due to tradition and location, is rich in excellent recipes that use raw materials as exquisite as tuna trap, retinto cow meat, shrimp of Sanlúcar or the famous wines of Jerez …

Imagine enjoying a dish of salted fish, seafood or rice at a beach bar on the coast of Cadiz. You can explore between the bustle of the tapas bars and discover the secret recipe “pescaito frito”, the “patatas aliñadas” or the ¨tortillas de camarones¨. Taste the best game meats or retinto in traditional ventas, always accompanied by a good wine that can also be found in the famous Jerez taverns, known as tabancos.

And for the most demanding palates, Cadiz has excellent restaurants which offer unique dining experiences, where tradition and haute cuisine come together for you to enjoy the different textures and flavors.

In Cadiz you will find an ideal place to eat for a perfect evening.

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