Bars in Cadiz Province

Guide to the best bars in the province of Cadiz. Find out where to eat tapas in the province of Cadiz. Find out the best places to discover the local cuisine bars. We only recommend good quality bars, good service and good eating. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


The people from Cadiz likes being on the streets, chatting, sharing, with family or with friends. To do so, they have a good meeting point: the bars. There is a huge amount of them in the province of Cadiz. They cover the entire terrain, both in the coastal area where you can eat or have a snack, and in the rural area, where you can try some traditional food from the sierra.

The atmosphere in the Cadiz bars depends on the moment of the day. In the first hours of the morning, the aroma of good coffee or a sour orange juice is in the air. They usually go together with tomato toasts with olive oil, good Iberian ham or a variety of butters and pâtés.

Midday is for fresh beer, Manzanilla wine and Fino wines that can go together with pork cracklings and aged cheese, some papas aliñás with bullet tuna, fried anemone or a bit of shredded tuna from Barbate.

In the afternoon, infusions and coffee together with churros or traditional cakes from the area.

The evenings are perfect both to have dinner with your family and have a nice time, as well as to have a drink with friends and enjoy a fantastic night out.

In “Destination Cadiz” you can have an extensive list of the best bars in Cadiz, recommended for their quality.

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