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The restaurants in Cádiz allow you to enjoy quality cuisine and an interesting gastronomy, which shows the high culinary level found in the area and the richness of the products of this land. We invite you to treat yourself from time to time and enjoy a quality meal in any of the many restaurants in which you can eat in the province of Cadiz.

The restaurants cover the entire province of Cadiz, in them we can find from the typical places located in the coastal areas where you can enjoy fantastic paellas or fried fish, to those located in the mountains where you can taste some great dishes typical of the area, such as deer or a stew of the season, including the most luxurious restaurants for the most exquisite palates, offering high class cuisine. All this accompanied with great wines of the land, like the wines of Jerez, the Manzanilla, the Pedro Ximenez, the Fino… among others

If you want to know a greater variety of dishes of our restaurants, you can opt for a “tasting menu” or eat at the “bar”, which sometimes works as a bar, where you will be offered “tapas” or small mixed plates of it’s representative cuisine.

“Destino Cádiz” recommends the best quality restaurants and reminds you that you should be cautious if you intend to go, since the schedules to eat have notable differences with the customs of other countries.

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