Ventas in Cadiz Province

If you like to eat and enjoy a pleasant evening, the ¨ventas¨ in Cadiz become a fantastic option, in the province there are a large number of ventas and each you can find something singular and unique.

The ventas are restaurants or bars, which are usually located next to the roads, so its accessibility is quite simple, they serve mainly typical and seasonal foods, made with local products. Among the most typical dishes you can find the stews of rice and meat. All this accompanied with fantastic wines of the region.

The most famous ventas are usually in the mountains, although there are many more throughout the province of Cadiz. The most important dates to go are in autumn and winter, where after an exquisite meal can go to buy polvorones or alfajores to the nearest factory.

In some ventas, you can even hold different celebrations or events such as weddings, where they offer great menus to all attendants.

From “Destino Cádiz” we advise you to go to some, since the atmosphere in these places is very special and where in addition to eating magnificently, the experience will be unique and unrepeatable and you will spend a fantastic day, discovering the gastronomical culture of the region.

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