industrial tourism in Cadiz Province

If you are curious about discovering and learning how some of the typical products of the province of Cádiz are made, do not hesitate to visit this land, where every time industrial tourism has a more important role. Take advantage of your time in Cadiz to try out some of the tours and discover how the most recognized and emblematic products of the province are made.

The wide range of experiences of Industrial Tourism in Cádiz are exciting and very interesting which include the famous wineries of Jerez, El Puerto, Sanlucar, Rota, Chiclana … where you can enjoy and learn about everything related to the local wines.

You can also visit the factories of our wonderful cheeses in Zahara, Villaluenga or Grazalema among others, where you will learn every detail about the preparation of these.

In Ubrique, you can explore the traditional fur factories, where you will discover the manufacture of bags, jackets, coats, wallets, purses, etc …

If we go to the area of Medina Sidonia, we can enjoy a visit to the cake factories and alfajores (typical local pastry) and discover the whole process of production.

Also in Cádiz you can enjoy a visit to a local handcrafted beer brewery, where you will learn about the creation process of this wonderful drink.

In Destino Cádiz we offer several alternatives, so that you can enjoy either with the family or with friends.

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