Beer tasting in Cadiz Province

In the province of Cádiz, more and more factories that make interesting craft beers have been appearing, we are trying to recover the tradition that has always existed in our land to produce this type of beverage. Due to the trend of the artisan breweries, it has become more and more frequent to do tastings and have a good time trying out and debating between the best beers in the province.

Apart from the tasting features, you can also visit the factories where you can enjoy and learn everything about the elaboration of these, it is a very pleasant visit and you can go with children to learn and see the whole process of elaboration.

The beer tastings are usually in gourmet shops or in specialized bars with years of tradition, where you can taste very different types of beers, from the famous lager (low fermentation temperature) or red (ale) and black (scout) beers produced with high fermentation or with heat.

Summarizing, if you come to Cádiz on vacation or spend a few days relaxing, doing a beer tasting or visiting some of its factories would be one of the best options, where apart from learning, you can spend a fantastic gastronomical day.

Discover the best places for beer lovers in the province in Destino Cádiz.

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