Cafes in Cadiz Province

A cafe or cafeteria is a traditional place for meeting friends or acquaintances, to observe people who pass through on the street, to simply pass the time or read the press. In the province of Cadiz you will find magnificent cafes that will allow you to do all this and more.

If for any reason our coffee shops are unique is due to the number of types of coffee that they offer: “solo”, “manchao”, “cortao”, “con leche”, “largo”, “carajillo (coffee with brandy or rum) ” Cappuccino “,” double “,” decaffeinated “,” hazelnut “… an endless number of coffees, each more peculiar than the previous one.

The coffee shops are usually located in places where there is a lot of people, ideal places to meet up. In both coastal and inland areas, coffee shops are very typical in the province of Cadiz.

The cafes share some features of the bars with other characteristics of the restaurants. Snacks and some types of food are usually served as mixed dishes. Although the most typical is the wide offer of sweets or cakes they have, very linked to the region.

Destino Cádiz recommends a selection of magnificent cafes in the province of Cadiz. Where you can have coffee with friends or family and relax.

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