Boating in Cadiz Province

If you are a lover of boat trips, the province of Cádiz is one of the most suitable places to carry out your passion. From routes with private companies, to the catamarans that run through a series of our coastal municipalities with seaports, a service of the Bay of Cádiz Consortium.

Discover our province in a different way. If you take a boat trip along our coast, you can see a beautiful sunset on the high seas, enjoy a meal or dinner on board living a unique and romantic experience, and even go to see different cetaceans in the seas of the area of ​​Tarifa.

Hire a boat trip through the different ports of our land. It is an ideal activity to do with family or friends, to organize and celebrate a unique event or simply to have a good time.

In summary, the offer of trips on boats is becoming more extensive in our province, coinciding with the increase of active tourism.

In Destino Cádiz, we advise you about the best companies to hire boat trips, where you will enjoy the best views and live a unique experience, where you will smell the scent of salt of our marshes and seas, and return fresh with fully recharged batteries.

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