Horse Riding in Cadiz Province

If you are a lover of nature, of green meadows, of abrupt landscapes and the fresh air, and is also a lover of animals, if you decide to come to the province of Cádiz, we recommend for you to arrange a day of horseback riding, where you will enjoy nature through a splendid transport.

Horseback riding has been becoming lost over the years, centuries ago horses were the main means of transport, where people rode on the horses back or in carriages moved by them, but after the industrial revolution and with the appearance of cars, the horses passed into the background in the transport field.

Until a few years ago, horseback riding was not important and of interest to the general public, although with the new mentality of society, where people are interested in a more natural lifestyle and staying in touch with animals, the demand of these strolls have experienced a strong increase and several companies are already offering this activity.

From Destino Cádiz we recommend that if you come to the province, enjoy a horseback ride, and for this we offer you the best selection of companies that carry out this activity.

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