Rural tourism in Cadiz Province

The province of Cádiz is one of the most incredible destinations for rural tourism. Cádiz is a diverse province where the importance of the coast and the inland is equal, and where tourism in rural areas has greatly increased in recent years.

As we say, there are many options for rural tourism in Cadiz, where you can discover magical and charming corners that will make your holidays or short getaways a unique experiences.

From easy trails suitable for the whole family, to trails for experts where skill and experience are key for completing them.

The province also has several routes to go biking and can be travelled from north to south across the province, for the most daring and adventurous.

If you want be in contact with animals, you can enjoy fantastic horseback rides at sunset or enjoy the farm schools with the young ones.

In the province you can also try out numerous adventure sports such as climbing, rafting, river rapids … among others.

In Destino Cádiz, we offer the best selection of activities of rural Tourism in the province of Cádiz such as rural accommodation ( hotels, campgrounds, cabins, apartments and houses), the best restaurants and bars to eat, the best companies active recreation (hiking, paragliding, climbing, hiking …) and more …

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