Wellness in Cadiz Province

Visiting the province of Cádiz produces a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Here you can recover your mental, physical and emotional balance, leaving behind all the stress of the everyday life. Our land has a large number of proposals for Health, Welfare and Beauty that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Choose between the best spas in Cadiz, where you will receive the best treatments, the most modern therapies and the best massages to restore your personal wellbeing and recharge your energy surrounded by the most relaxing environments, as well as the most exclusive beauty treatments.

The Cadiz Spas also offer you pools with different types of water with different temperature, guided by highly qualified aquatherapy staff. You can enjoy experiences that recall our Andalusí past, like visiting a Hammam which takes you back in time, and makes you enjoy a unique pleasure.

In addition in Cádiz, you can choose from the best health clinics, where you will recieve the best treatments by great professionals, offered by centers equipped with the most modern medical technologies and the latest techniques in cosmetic medicine.

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