Wine tasting in Cadiz Province

If you are coming on vacation or spending a few days in the province of Cadiz, it is obligatory to visit one of the magnificent wineries we have, all of them dozens of years of age, with an antique tradition.

Nowadays, after the rise of the gastronomy and everything related to the world of wine, wine tastings are becoming more common, they can be carried out both in the cellars themselves and in bars and taverns.

The tasting consists of trying different wines, discussing and debating between them. The aforementioned tastings are often accompanied by some appetizers, depending on the wine, it is accompanied by one dish or another.

The wines, vinegars and brandies of the province of Cádiz are surrounded by a whole world in relation to its origins, its history, vineyards and lands, processes of elaboration and the wide variety in its results. All this with a common characteristic: its high quality.

No doubt, the type of aging and the type of fermentation are decisive factors to obtain the different types of wines recognized by their color, aroma, flavor and textures: chamomiles, fino, amontillados, Pedro Ximénez, oloroso, are some of the varieties which you can discover through the “wine tasting”.

From Destino Cádiz you will be able to explore the wineries and companies of our province that can help you improve your knowledge of our wines, a great excuse to learn and spend a fantastic day trying and debating on them.

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