Wineries in Cadiz Province

The province of Cádiz is an important reference towards international tourism. Studies show that the grape crops and winemaking began in the province of Cádiz during the time of the Phoenicians, more than 3,000 years ago, and since then it has become well known throughout the Mediterranean.

In our region you have the opportunity to taste the best wines and learn with the great depth about everything surrounding the culture.

It is important to distinguish the production area of the grapes with the area of aging of the wines (winery); the type of soil where it is grown (albariza); the variety of grape that is used (palomino); the aging system (criaderas and solera) and finally, the wide variety of specialties that are produced.

The province of Cádiz has two designations of origin in which it’s wines are concerned. On one hand, there is the designation of origin variety of Jerez- Xerez-Cherry, which gives us wines like Fino, Pedro Ximénez, Oloroso … among others, these wines are found in Jerez, Sanlucar and El Puerto de Santa María.

The other designation of origin variety that belongs to the province of Cádiz is the Manzanilla of Sanlucar, which offers us the spectacular wine and it’s production is limited only to the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda.
There is also winemaking in the Sierra, mainly in Arcos and in Prado del Rey.

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