Tourism in Cadiz: 44 treasures in 52 weeks.

Turismo en Cádiz

Tourism in Cadiz: 44 treasures in 52 weeks. | Fuente: Texts and Photos: Destino Cádiz

When talking about tourism in Cadiz z, it’s usually associated with clichés that don’t allow us to appreciate the true potential of our province. In this webpage we try to distance ourselves as much as possible from them (although some of them have a good point and we practise them in secret).

We are truly convinced that Cadiz has everything necessary to be a unique tourist destination throughout the whole year (nationally and internationally but also for the people from Cadiz). We have 44 treasures (municipalities) to enjoy 52 weeks a year.

Parque natural de las breñas -cadiz-004

In this post we would like to talk briefly about some ideas that we think are wrong or don’t contribute at all to our land.


Cadiz is usually seen as a summer or seasonal destination. We believe that this is a mistake and something counterproductive for the province. Being so diverse and complete gives enough activities and attractions throughout the year. Each season has its own charm and offer to turn the province into a permanent destination.


We probably have some of the best, but we believe that this equation lacks elements such as nature (6 impressive natural parks), history, culture, Sierra, diversity, wine tourism, cuisine, active tourism, people, and many more elements…


We aren’t aware of the importance of practising internal tourism in our land. Visiting and rediscovering our province should be a mandatory activity for all citizens of Cadiz.

Have you ever considered how many places you don’t know about the province? How many wineries have you ever visited? Do you know the Sierra? How many museums in the province have you ever stepped on? Internal tourism generates wealth in your environment and enriches you.



For a long time, the local level has been the rule of conduct in most of the municipalities of our province: “if my city is doing well and the rest is not, nothing happens and it’s even good.”

Our future is thinking at a provincial level. We are stronger together and our offer is much more attractive facing the outside. Let’s make province!


With the “common practice” label we dismiss many activities and businesses that make up our essence, tradition and culture. We invite you to return or even discover those places that you rule out because they are common practice or tourist places. You will be surprised!

Now, we are interested in knowing your opinion. Which clichés would you include?

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