Archaeological sites in Cadiz Province

If you are a lover of history and ancient sites, the province of Cádiz can be a great place for your holidays, since there are several places in the province (Los Algarbes, Bacinete, El Berrueco, etc.) where there are very ancient ruins from eras of paleolithic, neolithic, bronze, etc.

With regard to the Phoenician world, you will know that there are very few remains along the Mediterranean. To know their way of life it is essential to visit the sites located in Cádiz.

Baelo Claudia, located in Bologna can be a magnificent example of Roman culture ancient Roman city, built in the second century BC and located on an ancient Phoenician settlement, among others, also note the Roman theater in Cádiz capital, Carteia in the Bay Of Algeciras, Iptuci in the El Bosque, Asido Caesarina in Medina, etc.

El Barrio Nazarí de Benaocaz, the town of Zahara and the fortress of Olvera can be representative monuments of the medieval period and, finally, in relation to the Islamic culture, there are important remains among which we highlight one of the Almohad culture, the Alcázar de Sherry.

In Destino Cádiz you will find, population by population, the best historical sites of the province of Cádiz. A great way to discover the history of a region and to spend a pleasant day in our land.

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