Historic Buildings in Cadiz Province

When a province, just like the one of Cadiz, has lived thousands of years of civilization with the most important cultures, such as Phoenicians, Romans, Jews, Muslims, Christians … it is logical that it has an immense number of important historical buildings.

As we said, the province of Cadiz has a wide diversity of buildings from different periods and architectural styles.

Here we can find the largest City Hall in all of Andalusia, where the first Spanish Constitution was determined, in the city of San Fernando.

In the capital we can find the Castillo de San Sebastián, an old fortress and nowadays it hosts a lot of concerts and other events.

From the Muslim period we see the Castillo de Guzman el Bueno, which had an important role in the reconquest.

Another very important building is the Castillo de Santi Petri, in Chiclana, located where ancient texts located the Temple of Hercules, which nowadays can be reached through guided tours in kayaks.

In the province of Cadiz there is also the Observatory, that gives the official time to all of Spain and that you can visit, which is located in San Fernando.

In Jerez we can see one of the only examples of Almohad architecture found in Spain, the Alcazar.

The Sierra de Cádiz also has important historical buildings such as the Castles of Olvera, Espera, Arcos and Castellar. The clock tower in Zahara, that of Doña Blanca in Medina, or the Cerro del Castillo, also in Medina, where three different fortresses have been found.

All this and more can be visited in the province of Cadiz and on this page you can find all the information necessary to plan a splendid cultural day.

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