Markets in Cadiz Province

Many people say that in order to get to know a city well, it is essential to visit its markets or food places, where traders display mainly fresh products and, in many cases, manufactured or produced by them. In these markets you can feel the tradition of the city, where it’s warm and pleasant people come daily to buy their products and later prepare the typical dishes to eat.

Do not confuse the markets with the “flea markets” that are installed one day a week, which go through several towns and their sales are focused mainly on clothing and footwear, with prices lower than in local shops, but also with a lower quality.

In recent times, large areas have affected the volume of sales of the markets and, these, have tended to redefine their contents. There are already many who have tried different time schedules, initially only opening in the morning, due to the lack of demand, because usually the people work at that time.

In addition to being able to differentiate even more from the larger areas, some have specialized in unique and high quality products, gourmet type, and you can even taste some dishes or tapas at the same market.

You can not leave the province of Cadiz without visiting the Mercado de Abastos of Cadiz capital city, rebuilt in 2009, in the form of a neoclassical plaza.

In “Destino Cádiz” you will find a very good selection of the best markets in the province of Cadiz, each with its own charm and where you can find the most typical products and specialties of the region.

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