Monuments in Cadiz Province

If you come to the province of Cadiz you will surely be surprised by the great number of monuments that exist, consequence of the great history that has taken place in our province, where different towns and cultures have settled like the Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians .

The location of the monuments is very varied, in any of the villages there is something important with years of history, which people are able to visit it and is a great option to discover a little more about the history of the locality.

From Egyptian Sarcophagi in the main museums, Phoenician amphoras, historical and beautiful theaters, religious temples, ancient bridges linking important areas and have also served as defensive walls, water pipes, even defensive castles from the Arab period to avoid the later Christian reconquest, fountains, defensive walls and gateways to cities, arches, tombs of old artists and important figures of our province, such as Rocio Jurado in Chipiona or Camarón de la Isla in San Fernando.

Finally you can also find synagogues, mosques , Churches and cathedrals, all this and more you can discover and are some of the monuments you will be able to explore.

“Destino Cádiz” will help you discover all the important monuments of the province, with a list of the most influential and historical.

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