Theaters in Cadiz Province

In the province of Cádiz there are a large number of theaters, and each one has a special charm. The visit to the theaters of Cádiz is a must visit for tourists, both due to the wide range of performances and for their important meaning.

If you decide to enjoy and spend a few days in the oldest province of Europe, with more than 3,000 years of history, you should know that it enjoys 330 days of sunshine a year, mild Mediterranean climate with an average annual temperature of 18.5º C , and that its inhabitants have a cheerful and welcoming character.

For this it has a wide billboard of theater performances and different types of dances and music, including flamenco and popular performances such as traditional carnival shows.

The most important theaters of our province are the Gran Teatro Falla of Cádiz capital city, where the carnivals of Cadiz are celebrated, Teatro de Las Cortes in San Fernando, beyond its wide billboard, this is a place highly visited due to its important role in the first Constitution. We can also visit the Theater of Puppets of Aunt Norica, or the old Auditorio de la Merced, former convent in Sanlúcar. Finally one of the most important ones is the Villamarta Theater in Jerez, where you can witness fantastic dance performances, among which there is flamenco and many others.

Destino Cádiz offers you the most complete information about the main theaters of the province of Cadiz.

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